A rowing themed Christmas present ?

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A rowing themed Christmas present ?

Andrew B
Dear All,

I am bulk buying an art print of a Scillies Gig, to raise money for the Gig Club. I know many cutters have a foot on both camps, or are just interested in any sort of rowing, and 8 lucky soles will be over at Northney today, so please take time to look at the print on display in Unit 3 and if you would like one please let me know.

Measures 24" x 18" (60 x 45 cm). Shows the lines and half-breadths, one plan and profile of the Gig 'Swift' which according to Keith Harris in his book 'Azook' was a Tresco gig kept at Old Grimsby and worked with a pilot cutter of the same name. The drawing shows some construction details and thumb nail sketches of the Isles of Scilly, local lighthouses, and a Gig under sail.

Its no longer commonly available, but I have found some stock and will order some. I think, with a donation to the club, and no costs being taken by me, so the club gets any profit they are going to work out at about £10, in a tube, unframed, but they are easy enough to frame with a clip frame.