***** AGM **** Annual General Meeting 28th January 2023 ****

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***** AGM **** Annual General Meeting 28th January 2023 ****

Colin McPhee
 Dear Happy Rowers

 As you may be aware the AGM will be held on 28th January at Langstone Sailing Club . It will be a part social event with Chili and Baked Potatoes and a bar etc. and part business . There will be more about the food arrangements later as this is organised but much more capable soles than I. Members will be encouraged to showoff their Culinary skills . ( Thankfully and Hopefully you will not be exposed to mine although I can cook baked spuds !!! )

Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier.

In the same open spirited manner we have to choose a new Committee and any member is entitled to put their name in to the hat to be voted in by the Membership on to the committee.  At the moment we have the following members standing

Club Officers  

Chair                  Colin McPhee
Secretary            Richard Harrison
Treasurer            Joan Saywood
Rowing Captain   Rachel Pointer

Other Committee Members  

Membership Secretary     Mark Taylor
Bosun                            Geoff Shilling
Kit                                 Sue Loveridge
Committee Member        Liz Walmsley
Committee member        Mike Gilbert

Other elected Positions but not on the committee

Child Welfare Officer        Barry Scott
Web Master                     Chris Partridge
Examining Member          James Griffin

At the moment Mike is the Membership secretary and Mark the Environmental Officer
The current committee have all done a fantastic job but we always need to freshen things up so new members are welcome

2023 promises to be a fantastic year for rowing in the harbours and there will be much on offer. Please come along on the 28th and feel free to get more involved with our fantastic club . If anyone wants to contact me directly please do . My email address is cmcphee@cbgarobson.com  

Best Wishes