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Big ships to watch for

Andrew B
Local Notice to Mariners No.5 of 2014


1. Mariners are advised that maintenance dredges of Northney Marina, and the visitors’ berths at Sparkes Marina are to due to start Monday 17 February 2014.  Dredging is expected to continue for 2 weeks, subject to weather. The dredged material will be disposed of at the Nab Tower Spoil Grounds.

2. Dredging will be undertaken by the 22m backhoe dredger Witton II, which will be towed to and from the sites. Dredged material will be transported for disposal in the 42m split hopper barge Split Two, and the 52m Split Three.

3. All vessels will display the lights and shapes required by the collision regulations and maintain a listening watch on VHF channels 14 and 16.

4. Mariners are requested to give these vessels a wide berth in the confined waters of Chichester Harbour.

5. Cancel this LNTM 14 March 2014.

Richard Craven
Harbour Master
17 February 2014