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Mike Gilbert


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Date: 17 May 2016 8:33 pm
Subject: Rowhedge Regatta
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Hi All 
Please find details of the Rowhedge Regatta Race on Saturday 25th June Starting from Batemans Tower in Brightlingsea and racing to Rowhedge Quayside approx 5 mile course.There will be various classes so please.let me know if you are coming.( £5 each member of crew)
 16.00 there will also be harkers yard sprint head to head race (£10 A Boat) rowing in pairs over a short course from the floating pontoon.
On arrival to Brightlingsea please leave trailors tidy for the day ,Bacon butties / refreshments will be available on arrival at the uni Sailing Club  .

There will be plenty of time to take in the regatta atmosphere before you need to row back ( sorry there will be no way of getting boats out at Rowhedge slipway   as the road is closed to traffic),high tide is at 16.20 so you have a good hour after that.

Arrival ...Brightlingsea  from 11.45 and launch
Registration  12.15  at Uni Sailing Club
Briefing          12.45  at Uni Sailing Club

Start                1.45  allow plenty of time to get to the start
Sprint Races  16.00

Followed by Prizegiving 

Please let me know if you are coming /how many /what class of boat
feel free to forward to anyone I have missed



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