Great River Race 2022

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Great River Race 2022

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The Great River Race is on  and will be on 10th September.   Their website is now live with all the details of this event.   If you haven't  already expressed interest for this event, it is not too late to do so but please respond to the original post by Friday 10th June midnight.  We already have people for 3 boats and a fourth boat is starting to fill but there are still places and we could take a fifth boat.   So have a look at the website or talk to someone who has done it and then post by Friday.

Update The GRR will start at around 10.30am and the cost is £75 per person and a £10 contribution to towing boats making it £85 in total to enter.  In addition there is a coach fare to London, unless you are making your own way there..

I am around tomorrow on 07746 298661 if you have specific questions