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Isle of Wight Challenge 2014

Mike Gilbert
Dear Members, as you know we have been keen for some time to put together a crew to take on the record for circumnavigating the Isle of Wight by an all ladies crew. the record is 10 hours 20 minutes set in 1999, by a Ryde Rowing Club Ladies Crew in a Solent Galley. This to add to the record of 7 hours 56 minutes set by our crack men's team.

One of our long-standing Members and Committee Member, Elaine Parkin has found a group of like-minded Ladies from Southsea Rowing Club that wish to take this on; using our Solent Galleys and with training and coaching support from LAR. The Pat Sherwin Trust, that own Bembridge and Sallyport have agreed that they can be used for this purpose.

In order to do that, the Committee felt it best the ladies actually joined the Cutters Membership. This will provide some additional income for the Cutters, and make sure that Insurance and other supervisory requirements laid down by the Trust and the Committee are met.

The IoW crew(s) plan to start training in November and build up to an attempt at the record next May/June. With regular training rows every month through the winter to a 7/8 hour row routine in the Spring.

For Members it does mean that on some Winter Saturdays 1 or 2 Galleys may be needed for IoW training, and would not be available for Saturday Excursion Rowing.  However 1 Galley would always be kept available for Club Members on these occasions, as well as the 2 Claytons and 2 Teifis, so other Members should not be unduly inconvenienced.

Likely dates the IoW crew will need boats are: 2nd November; 30th November; 14th December; 25th January; 22nd March; 15th March and 26th April. On some of these occasions, a Cutters Galley (or 2) may be moved to Northney Marina for launch and recovery, depending on the tide times.

Note that this coming Saturday morning, 2nd November, 2 Galleys will be moved across to permit the Girls to start with a row around Hayling (weather permitting) between 9.30 and 12.30.  

On some occasions including the 14th December's 'Carrow Cup', 2 Galleys are reserved for the Cutters to take to Norwich.  

Finally, there are almost enough keen ladies to make up 2 boats - 12 ladies would be needed, 6 in each boat - but Elaine is still seeking 2 or 3 others to join in the training and take part in the record attempt. So if any other ladies out there want to take part in the Challenge, then let me or Elaine know. It means regular rowing with the teams and an extended row once a month building to a 7/8 hour row prior to the attempt itself.

Happy Rowing