Juniors in the Great River Race

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Juniors in the Great River Race

Mike Gilbert
As sent by email, but now using the new Forum!! Following the success of the 4 boys in last years Great River Race in the Teifi Skiff. At the Committee meeting last night we discussed the possibility of reserving a Galley for a Cutters Junior crew to race in the Great River Race this year - they have a chance to win some silverware!

In principle this is possible, however the Committee are concerned to ensure that all members who want to row the Great River Race get to row. Therefore in order to feel confident that this is an appropriate allocation and to encourage a Cutters Junior team we propose::

In response to Richard's GRR Invitation, Juniors should highlight their interest in rowing in a Juniors crew - under 18 years.
If we have 5 boys/girls under 18 who indicate such interest, then we will organise opportunities for them to train together through the summer and prepare for the event. Note that the crew must have a cox who is 18+.
They will then liaise with Geraldine Horner (Junior Coordinator)  and meet from time to time on Sundays at HW to practice under the guidance of some of the senior rowers and Club Coaches.
So please let Richard know in your response that you want to take part and mark it clearly 'Junior Entry'.

Ben Gilbert is one interested...