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KIT info. (Christine hols)

Dear Members,

As Christine Ball is away in Canada until the 7th Jan (I think), she asked me if I could help out on the kit front.

There are three different bags of rowing clothing in my house so if any of you have orders awaiting collection or wish to order some clothing please do contact me.

My contact details are as usual: Mob 07831 440448, Landline for Gail & I is: 02393 111582.

Address for collections is: 240, Havant Road, Hayling Island PO11 0LN. If I am not around then Gail will help out.

We are circa half a mile from Langstone Bridge on the main road. Look out for a yellow bungalow 4 houses down from New Cut.

As Christine & I had only a few moments to discuss, I may need your patience when dealing with matters, not least of which is the data entry book so please bear with me.

I guess the important thing is if any of you have orders placed for Christmas you will need to contact me pronto-------and brave the tornadoes over the bridge!!

Best wishes to both Cutters & Gig members for Christmas & the New Year.


ps Can anyone build an ARK!!