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Membership Renewals Please!

Damian Grounds
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Hi Everybody,

At last! We are finally enjoying some glorious sunshine - it is almost summer like and perfect rowing weather!

Your Club Needs You!

Geoff has now kidnapped Bembridge and is holding her hostage and threatening to strip her of her dignity and rub her down to within an inch of her life unless we all cough up and renew our membership for 2014!

Many of you have already renewed your membership, thank you, but Geoff is a damanding old cummugeon and needs lots of sandpaper and varnish to be paid for out of our membership fees - so if you haven't already renewed yours yet, could you please download the membership form from the Cutters website where it can be found within the 'Useful Info' section, here - and can be dropped off at our Treasurer's house, Marcus Ball, on your way to rowing.

At just £30.00 a year for adults and only £5.00 a year for the under 17's, it represents amagingly good value for money and 52 weeks of sheer unadulterated fun, in great company amongst the truly spectacular scenery of Langstone and Chichester Harbours.

If you need anymore information - please do not hesitate to contact me on 07979 597269 or by email at membership@