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Message of thanks from Dell Quay


Dear Sundowners

Please see below a message from Dell Quay, organisers of last evenings stunning sunset and brilliant event.
Rachel has responded on our behalf.



“Hi Everyone

 I hope you all got back safely and enjoyed the sunset we had laid on for you.

 Please can you pass on our thanks to all your crews for participating yesterday, and for being so nice and understanding to our overworked bar and galley staff. We hope you all enjoyed the event and congratulations to all the winning crews. We look forward to seeing you all at the Cockleshell or other future events.

 If any of your crews would like to come and explore this end of the harbour in a more leisurely fashion please let us know we will be happy to organise a cruise and show them the sights.

 Thank you all for being such congenial competitors and good luck in the next race.”

 Martin, Richard, Nikki

Lead Rowers Dell Quay Sailing Club