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Hi Chris
Could this include Team Mabel? If I can get the crew together. It would be good to get a training row in before around Hayling Race.


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---- Chris Partridge [via Langstone Cutters RC] wrote ----

June 4 is the day of the Gig Regatta, but several clubs coming down for the Round Hayling Race on the following day with other types of boat are being offered the chance to come on one of our famous social rows. We plan to row down the harbour and then to Emsworth to the Blue Bell for lunch.
If you are interested in what promises to be a very pleasant row with lots of like0-minded people, please post here.
Because of the times and to get the galleys in position for the Round Hayling race, we need to tow them round to Northney and launch them there, so we will need to get them on the trailers in good time.

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