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Return to Rowing - Updated Protocol for crews 21/06/2021 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

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Covid 19 Crew Boats Use Protocol:
We cannot remove the risk of catching coronavirus and so by signing up for a row you are accepting that you are doing so at your own risk. Please read the guidelines below carefully to ensure you understand the measures in place. By signing up for a row you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines and observe social distancing.

Anyone showing any Coronavirus symptoms (i.e. persistent new cough, high temperature, loss of taste/smell), or who has been advised to self–isolate, or who has been in recent contact with anyone who has symptoms, should not row or be in the boat or boat park. For the wellbeing of, and fairness to, other crew members, we also advise not rowing if you are suffering from any other viruses such as the common cold.

The invitation to row will be made as usual through the Forum, based on tide and weather.
Passengers can now be carried and crew changes made with the agreement of the crew.
Up to 30 people can be present in the boat park so it is no longer necessary to stagger launch times.
Crews and boats will be posted before the row .

In the boat park:
As it is difficult to maintain a 2m distance when preparing and launching/recovering the boats please wear a mask when in the boat park and stay with your crew
Please remember to exercise caution and socially distance from anyone not in your household at all times.

The crew for each boat will still be responsible for preparing and launching the boat and putting it away so as to reduce the risk of cross contamination between crews.
For safety we have found that it is often necessary to have one or two additional people helping when moving the boats up and down the slope. Please be prepared to help if asked but keep a sensible distance apart and don't have more people around the boat than necessary.

In the boat:
Coxes should wear a mask and sunglasses or other eye protection.
Please remember to get into the boat in order, to avoid climbing past people – from the shore over the bow - cox,4,3,2 and 1. Bow pushes off.
Please don't shout or turn round and talk to people while in the boat
VHF radios will be used by the cox as normal: Channel 8 boat to boat; Channel 14 for the harbourmaster and Channel 16 for the Coastguard.
On returning to Langstone the boat, gates, oars & footrests must be sprayed with the dettox spray provided in the boat.
Masks should be worn and social distancing should be observed during recovery;
Please do not pick up other people’s belongings for them these can be left in the boat until it is in the boatpark
Putting covers in the boats to be done by the same crew team, and care taken when passing straps under the boats;
Dollies used to recover the boats cleaned and covers washed down when finished;
Radios should be wiped with detox spray;
Please sanitise your hands before leaving boat park
Please pay pin money online. We are asking that you pay £10 which covers 5 rows and keep track of when your next payment is due.
How to pay
By Bank Transfer to Langstone Cutters; Sort Code 40-23-20; Account 81341944.
Please make the Reference PIN and your FULL NAME;