Round Hayling arrangements

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Round Hayling arrangements

Hi all,
   The race start times for Sunday are ...

High tide at Northney 14.28 (4.3m);

11.00 Safety Review – Confirm Course andHandicaps;
11.30 Coxswains & Crews

12.20 Claydons & Whalers
12.30 Bursledon Gigs
12.35 St Ayles Skiffs
12 48 Jolly Boats and Hybrid 4 oared boats;
12.52 Celtic Longboats
12.56 Solent Galleys
13.00 Cornish Pilot Gigs

I suggest that the Galley and Celtic Crews nominate a cox to go to the Briefing and the rest of us meet by the Mill at 12 noon to launch as soon as we have enough water and row over to North slip to arrive by 12.40 latest to pick up our coxes.

I think the Claydon will need to be rowed over on Saturday, post to follow on this.

Please could you all pay your £12 entry fee to the club account where you pay your pin money.

Thank you!