Row for Cake! Macmillan Coffee Morning, Sat 26 Sept at Northney Marina

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Row for Cake! Macmillan Coffee Morning, Sat 26 Sept at Northney Marina

Hey Peeps

I, with the aid of some of our fabulous baking ladies, will be hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning at the Gig Club's Unit 3 in Northney Marina on Saturday 26 September from 10.30am through to around 2pm.

High tide on the day is 10:20 so if you wish to detour your Saturday row via cake and a coffee your support would be hugely appreciated. If you're not rowing that day, then just come for cake!

The day is open to everyone, not just rowers. There will be in an excellent range of cakes, including Teri's Cakes, plus tea or coffee in return for a donation.  There will also be games with prizes and all proceeds will go to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

Macmillan provide an excellent service and I have already benefitted greatly from it; be it just a chat with my dedicated nurse, a complementary therapy or support session (yesterday I was at a workshop where they taught me how to draw in my missing eyebrows!) or just a cup of tea between hospital appointments.

If you are able to contribute on the day - either with a cake, a raffle prize or maybe an hour of your time to help with hosting please let me know.  As usual, call or text 0780 3000 745 or email me

Please invite anyone you wish to to join in. The more the merrier and it will hopefully mean more money in the tin.

Shel x