Rowing Events coming up in 2024

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Rowing Events coming up in 2024

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Here are some dates for 2024 ... more to follow.
These are for information and we will post for interest for each event as the dates get closer.

Celtic Longboat racing Itchenor                 20th January
ESC Boat naming                                     23rd March
Blessing of the Boats                                24th March
Puffin Island race                                      Early May - date tbc
Hamble River Raid                                    11th May
Vogalonga  Rowing Regatta                       18th/19th May
Bembridge Gig/Galley Fest                        8th June
Ocean to City - Cork                                 8th June
Eastney Cockleshell Challenge                   15th June
Langstone Gig Club Regatta                      20th July
Round Hayling                                         21st July
Tudor Challenge                                       3rd August
Great River Race                                      21st Sept
5 miles from home                                   25th-30th Sept
Galley Gathering Northney                        19th Oct
3 Harbours Head of the harbour                20th Oct

I will add a link here to the 3 Harbours rowing calendar for 2024 as soon as it is available so that you can see everything rowing related that is happening in Langstone, Chichester and Portsmouth harbours and beyond.

Please post or contact me at if you have any other suggestions for events you think look interesting for the club.

Please don't post here to sign up for any of these events as your votes won't count and you may still be charged. Each event will be posted before it happens so that everyone interested can sign up.