Rowing Rota - Jan to April 2022

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Rowing Rota - Jan to April 2022

Mark Taylor
Happy new year rowers.

I have put together a rowing rota up to early April with an allocated rower for each week and Saturday row. In a couple of cases, where tide times are better, I have nominated a Sunday rather than a Saturday. Hope that is OK with all.

The rows are now all in the club google diary and appear on the LCRC website.

If the allocted dates are not possible or suitable for you, then please arrange a swap, if you then advise me of the swap, I will change the rota.

If your name is not on this rota but feel confident to organise rows and feel you have sufficient knowledge of the harbours, tides and conditions. Then please contact me and I will add your name to the rota in April.

The allocated rota is as follows:-
Week of  10 Jan    Row organiser Chris Partridge                        
15/01/22 Meet 08:00  Row Organiser Sue Loveridge   Tide  10:00 (4.0  m)
Week of  17 Jan     Row organiser   Mike Gilbert                      
22/01/22 Meet 12:30  Row Organiser Colin McPhee  Tide 14:24 (4.5  m)
Week of  24 Jan   Row organiser  Alan Harding                        
30/01/22 Meet  08:00 Row Organiser Tom Bennett  Tide 9.55(4.4  m)
Week of 31 Jan  Row organiser   Michael Brown                      
05/02/22 Meet 12:30 Row Organiser Richard Harrison Tide14:34 ( 4.6 m)
Week of 7 Feb      Row organiser   Bobby Clayton                      
13/02/22 Meet 08:00  Row Organiser David Myles   Tide 9.32( 3.8 m)
Week of 14 feb      Row organiser  Rachael Norris                        
19/02/22 Meet 11:30  Row Organiser Jenny Myles  Tide 13:25 (4.7  m)
Week of 21 feb      Row organiser  Tim Pointer                        
26/02/22 Tides no good
Week of 28 Feb      Row organiser  Phil Polwin                        
05/03/22 Meet 11:30  Row Organiser Pete Reed  Tide 13.26 (4.8  m)
Week of  7 March    Row organiser  Christine Ball                        
12/03/22 Tides no good
Week of  14 march    Row organiser Geoff Shilling                        
19/03/22 Meet 10:30  Row Organiser John Child    Tide 12:25(4.8  m)
Week of 21 Mar      Row organiser    Mark Taylor                      
26/03/22 Meet 16:30  Row Organiser Barry Scott  Tide 18.33(3.8  m)
Week of  28 Mar     Row organiser   Liz Walmsley                      
02/04/22 Meet 11:30  Row Organiser Marilyn Rogers  Tide 13:25 (4.7  m)
Week of 4 Apr       Row organiser   Nigel Armstrong                      
Mark Taylor
Phone 023 9248 4492
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