Saturday Row - 24 August 2013

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Saturday Row - 24 August 2013

Mark Taylor
Dear Cutters,
I have the pleasure of being responsible for this Saturday's row.  Now I know that many of us are training for the Great River Race, so I thought I would try to combine the two events by doing the following:-

We go out for a 2 hour row in Chichester Harbour culminating in picnic on Fowley Island before returning to Langstone. So bring along some food that is easy to share on an "Americn Supper" basis, olong with a plate and any eating irons you need along with drinks to suit your mood.

If GRR crews wish to use the time for a practice then this would be great. Other club members can then make up numbers in the boats where GRR team members may not be available.

Details for the day

    14:12 High Water at 4.8 mtrs
    Current weather forecast - Warm and Humid, chance of thundery showers, Winds F3 North Westerly

So we muster at Langstone 11:45
Boats departs at 12:00
Row for two hours down Chichester Harbour and back
Arrive Fowley Island 14:00
Return to Langstone for approx 15:00
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Re: Saturday Row - 24 August 2013

Chris Penfold
Sounds fun Mark, put me down for a place please.