Update on this Wednesday's row

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Update on this Wednesday's row

Langston Lords Ladies & Gentlemen,

 A quick update for you all on this week's midweek row:- we already have a full compliment for two Galleys including a passenger and with the tide very high and the weather nice and bracing this should be great exercise and jolly good fun too.

Rather than go on a very long row out to sea say HISC or Hayling Kiosk we will motor round the harbour for a couple of hours perhaps switching boats and giving everyone a good time and experience.

We will start at 12noon and finish circa 2pm adjourning to the Royal Oak for sustenance and warming drinks.

So if you want to come and join the fun let me know on the forum as soon as possible otherwise I may run out of boats ---------and swimming is not my forte.

Have a great day in the Tuesday sunshine.

Best wishes


Richard Thrift
Landline 02393 111582
Mob. 07831 440448