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VHF Radios

After the rowing outing on Monday October 11th 2021  a damaged vhf radio was found in the store.

REPORT ANY DEFECTS YOU SEE (or cause), and please, please, please make sure they are turned OFF when finished using them - so that the next users don't find them flat!

The radio was one of our newest, was still switched on, and had a smashed alligator belt clip.
The latter requires severe maltreatment to happen. Similar forces would be likely to cause damage to internal components. The belt clip is not unduly expensive to replace (ca. £13) but if an internal, such as the battery, had succumbed the cost of parts ranges from about £34 to £192. !!!

Please take care of our radios as someone else's life might depend on them.

 🕑 The vhf will be returned to service when new parts have been fitted.